What is Tarot?

That is an interesting question with a lot of answers. It is a questiTarot-Card-Reading.jpgon that has been asked for a long time too, and no two answers are the same.

To me, there is no one exact answer. Tarot is a divining tool. It is a counseling tool, it is a connection to the spiritual world and a bridge to our higher selves.

Tarot can provide answers, advice, and ideas. It can guide you towards a life changing decision, or turn you away from something that could cause you long-term harm.

Does Tarot work?

ce99389a0bb94b2ba3b82265c901526e.jpgThat really depends, do you believe tarot works? If you answered anything but “NO” to that question, chances are Tarot will work for you.

If you do not believe Tarot will work for you, then no, it won’t help you. Think of it this way; would yo go to a doctor with a medical problem if you weren’t going to take his medical advice? Probably not. If you go into ANYTHING without some sort of belief or hope that will work for you then, then chances are it won’t.

However, if you go in with an open mind, with the belief that you may find the answers you were looking for, or that the advice the cards give you will help you, there is a strong chance that Tarot will work for you.

Can anyone read Tarot?

Short answer: Yes. Anyone can.

Long answer: That depends on the person. Everyone has their own style. Sometimes it takes longer to find it than others.

Everyone reads cards differently. Some people memorize the meanings of the cards and give those meanings to you verbatim. Others will use a combination oftarot-card-spread the meanings of the cards and the images on the cards to tell a story that relates to the reading.
Some can just intuitively find the meaning of a card or spread. A lot of the time when I do a reading I will use a combination of all of these things. I will pick up my book with the meanings, read them, meditate on the question while gazing at the card/s, and the meaning unfolds before me. Sometimes the traditional meanings of the cards mean nothing to the reading and instead tell a story or a warning.

A little while ago I did a reading where the King of Swords come up followed by the Queen of Cups (reversed), Judgement (reversed), and the Knight of Wands (reversed). I had the strongest sense that the meaning behind these cards wasn’t as transparent as the traditional meanings. I had a strong sense of the Court of King Arthur and the love affair between Genevieve and Sir Lancelot. It has actually been one of the strongest feelings I have felt, and the power of that particular meaning will stick with me for the rest of my days.

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