Inspirational Quote 01/03/17



Card of the Day 01/03/17 (With bonus card!)


Queen of Cups, 10 of Pentacles (reversed)

These two cards on the surface seem to contradict each other. On one hand, the Queen of Cups represents a beautiful, artistic, kind woman. When reversed the 10 of Pentacles indicates someone who is hidebound by tradition. Someone who can’t see outside of the box they have placed their life in.

That being said, it feels as though these two people get along well. The freethinking of one compliments the narrow-minded nature of the other.

To those these cards resonate with, I feel it is an important reminder that we need polarity in our lives. That sometimes it is good to do things ‘by the book’, but sometimes we need to break free of social constraints.

Card of the Day 28/02/17


2 of Wands

This is a card of duality. It is positive and negative. It is a right or wrong decision. It is fight of flight.
For those that this card resonates with, there will be a time in your near future that will call for an important decision to be made. Just remember that no decision you make is a bad one, even if the outcome isn’t good. It is the next step in your journey and you will learn lessons important to your spiritual growth.